~ Black Widow ~
(1 may / 09)
Model : Kadryann

Outfit I "made" for the "Black Widow" show of february 2009 at Club Sin. Hair / makeup by me as well.

My heart as black as obsidian
empty and cold as of the ice
has been devoid of any love
for as long as the birth of time

I walk alone in games of flesh
Entrancing, deadly seduction
You'll come blindly to your demise
Entice within my web of lies

Entangled in deceitful lust
I'll take from you what I desire
Inspired not by love but cheat
I promise your wish won't come true

I'll show you the path to your end
within my lips of red venom
but only too late will you see
the curse of my poisonous lies

Dreams never showed you what is real
Only what you wanted to feel
I'll leave you broken and empty
To what is not and never will.

Truly yours
The Black Widow