Black Masquerade

September 27th 2008

THE BLACK MASQUERADE (september 27th 2008)

A fashion show I helped organise in collaboration with for the 5 years anniversary of her company.

Thank you to all of you who made "The Black Masquerade" a reality, what a night! And what a success it was! We attracted more poeple than we had initially predicted thank you thank you all!!

Here are some photos of my designs. There are more available over facebook if you are interested to see.








En collaboration avec ©

Below is the publicity we used to promote the show online :


© ( designer of gothic clothing at Cruella & Diabolik ) is celebrating her 5th aniversary of buisness by offering you an all in black soiree and a fashion show presenting her new collection!

- doors opens at 9hpm ( adress : at the SAINTS , 30 ste-catherine O. | st-laurent metro )

- presentation of the fashion show around 11hpm ( with guests : MYSELF mwuehehe (I am doing the opening of the fashion show) , FFR Danse , Calamity )

- the rest of the time is yours to danse, drink and have fun, there is 2 bars in the room with music by DJ Mr. Black / DJ Arketype until 3am!

TICKETS 10$ available at the store Cruella & Diabolik or to me.

At the door - 12$

On "Réseau Admission" - 13.65$ or more ( price will change depending of where you live )

Dress code : Wrap the shadows around yourselves ... wether your skin of choice is victorian, bal dresses, corsets, cyber, latex, leather, vinyl, velvet ... don't forget to add as much black as you can. After all it IS a black masquerade!

Dress to impress, we will give out prizes to the most extravagant outfits.

For those of you who do not own an elaborated "gothic" wardrobe : a simple dark colored formal or dressy attire will be accepted.

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